Studio rental:

Studio, flash units, light formers and backdrops - 30.00 lv. per hour.

  • For rental more than 2 hours you get 25% off.

  • If the paper backdrop gets damaged, 15.00 lv. per meter has to be paid.

For more questions, please contact me on 0888 750 988.

'Mitev Studio' has  lighting equipment and accessories, backdrops, makeup corner, air conditioner, Wi-Fi, smoke machine, option to shoot at an absolute darkness or to use a natural light from the huge windows.



Size: 6.20x6.30 m, height 3.00 m. The building has a WC, a freight elevator and a parking area.

'Mitev Studio's flash units and light formers are designed by the USA company Paul C. Buff. Einstein E640 offers precise control, constant color temperature and flash output, action stopping flash durations.

The studio has 3 backdrops - white, gray, black (2.72 m wide), V-flats, callibrated 24" HP display (98% Adobe RGB), 5 flash units with 640WS output each. Softboxes 150x75 cm with grids, octabox 150 cm with grid, beauty dish - white 55 cm with grid, snoot, background reflectors, 110 cm umbrellas white/silver, 2 types of remotes, light meter, color gels, portable power and so on.

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